Sunday, 24 July 2011

New hunts in July 2011!

Here are all the hunts available in the bin in July, and I will be giving some clues so you will be able to find the bubbles! The hunts are:
-Mr Popper's Penguins
- Zookeeper
-Sky Kids
-Honey Monster
For Mr poppers Penguins, one of the penguins is outside flem manor!
For Zookeeper, the wolf's leaf is in Tink's tree!
For Sky Kids, Shake it up is outside Rigg's movie multiplex.
For honey monster, one of the posters is in Club Fling!
Also, I have important information: When will the hunts end?
Mr Popper's penguins- 8 August
Sky Kids-24 July
Honey Monster-?
Zookeeper-11 August
Hope you complete the hunts!

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